In order to better serve the golf course and "The Loft" customers, we were forced to make a tough decision. As of Thursday, June 21, 2007 the range closed, however, a small practice area is now open next to the parking lot! Everyone is welcome to use the facility that is now located to the right of the original range. There are restrictions due to the size of the property and #8 tees does come into play. Everyone is restricted to hitting shots no more than 135 yards. For those of us that make a poor swing, every now and then, and fade or slice the ball, any players on the 8th tees are in danger of being hit. Don't let this stop you from practicing. Our putting green and chipping area are always open for you to sharpen up that important part of your game and then you can go to the new range and work on your full swing! For more information call the pro shop at (215) 541-3111.

Our practice area, chipping area and putting green are surrounded by a 9 hole course, giving the golfer a mental focus when practicing. We also offer private golf instruction for any age golfer, junior clinics and golf schools for youth to meet all of your golfing needs.



  • 8 matted stalls with different heights of tees

  • A pleasing tee area with yardage markers from 135 yards (Irons Only)

  • Range baskets that are filled to the brim BY HAND, and not by machines. Three size baskets include: small (35-45 balls), large (75-85 balls), and jumbo (105-110 balls)


  • Check with Pro Shop Before Using

  • Short Chipping Only – No Long Irons

  • Must Purchase a Range Bucket Before Use

  • No Horseplay Allowed

  • A practice sand bunker so you can handle those difficult sand shots

  • Different heights of grasses to practice all of those “bump and run” shots


  • No one allowed in front of tee line

  • No practice swinging except at tee area

  • When walking to tee area, keep safe distance behind tee line

  • Aim only at targets or center of range area

  • Never attempt to retrieve a topped ball

  • No horseplay allowed

  • Hit shots from designated areas only

  • Anyone attempting to purposely hit near parking lot will be asked to leave

  • Please rake the sand trap after use


  • Specifically for putting, this 4,500 square foot green has real putting cups – not “hit it and it’s in” sticks, but actual holes to putt your ball to for that realistic read

  • A bent grass green with plenty of undulations to practice different length putts

  • Free to the public – you do not have to purchase a bucket to use our putting green – just check with the pro shop so we can let you know if it is not being used for lessons or clinics


  • No chipping allowed

  • Proper Shoes/sneakers only

  • Free to the Public

  • Check in with the pro-shop before use